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Speaker interviews

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  • Can you tell us something about the 7 Fells Hostel?

​7 Fells Hostel is my dream come true. I was backpacking for years and always wanted to have my own hostel. After years of wandering around I came to Lapland by accident, found this beautiful old property and decided to stay here. I wanted to create a relaxed and unique hostel where people from all around the world can meet each other and experience Lapland on a budget.

  • In your opinion, what are the advantages of choosing to stay at a hostel?

The advantages of staying in hostels are about experiences. You get bette...

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  • In your opinion, what is the role of hotel design and architecture in the overall guest experience?

Design and Architecture over the past 10 years became one of the most important factors in the overall guest experience. It can be split in two areas, one being technology, comfort and convenience, which is a must nowadays. Guest expect well designed  rooms which provide amenities, catering for the purpose of their stay (business, leisure, families, etc…), this also includes public spaces, restaurants and wellness areas. This part is almost a must in order to sta...

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  • At Best Stay you will be discussing why destination branding is important when it comes to guest experience, can you give us an introduction to the topic?

Yes I think setting expectations regarding a destination/property/experience is fundamental and be the total game changer between a positive and negative stay and repeat guest or one that you will never see again. The second fundamental point is that the guest experience is definitely ‘All About the People’ the guest will meet and it just takes one person to not be as pleasant of positive as they could ...

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